No Lux No Veritas

Yale’s Asian American Studies program is nonexistent. If Yale’s objective is to be a world class university, its current lack of Asian American Studies classes is incompatible with its mission.

Each of these whiteboards bears the name of a class taught at a peer institution that Yale does not offer. The Asian American Studies Task Force hopes that this will display the great diversity and depth of the field of Asian American Studies, and remind Yale that its curriculum should be held accountable to the ideals this institution espouses. Even as the field of Asian American Studies has developed and grown, Yale has not grown with it.

The exclusion of Asian American Studies at Yale is more than just a problem of representation for Asian American students here. Rather, it contributes to the larger invisibility of Asian American narratives in media, politics, and the American consciousness. It also denies all students of all ethnicities the opportunity to understand the full range of perspectives in America.

Yale prides itself on breeding leaders across disciplines, but we can only lead when Yale will teach. Without Asian American Studies and greater support of ethnic studies as a whole, there will continue to be No Lux and No Veritas at Yale University.

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